Plan • Prepare • Practice

EPiCC (Emergency Practitioners in Crisis Communication) brings together communication practitioners to network and enhance their skills in handling emergencies and disasters.

Our team of experts have extensive experience across the emergency management and crisis communication sectors, providing advice, support and training to organisations on planning and preparing for a crisis, dealing with an emergency and handling the aftermath.

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What we deliver

We lead and support the development and delivery of effective crisis communication and emergency media management by providing a network for all who practice and operate in this sector to learn within a safe environment.

We provide opportunities for comms practitioners and others to come together to enhance and develop their skills and understanding of how effective crisis communication can support the planning, response and recovery phases in an emergency or disaster.

We draw on our extensive experience to share lessons learned and best practice from incidents, to enhance the future delivery of crisis communication and emergency management.

We establish and facilitate discussion forums on topics of common interest and concern so that practitioners can share experiences, raise issues, discuss ideas and identify solutions to common challenges.

We work closely with academic institutions and others to identify and undertake research that will enhance and improve the way in which organisations engage and communicate during an emergency.