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Our Directors and Advocates are highly regarded in their fields of expertise and have undertaken a number of media interviews and written articles for publication. Read a selection below.

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Former Met comms chief appointed to lead London’s COVID-19 Comms Group (PR Week)

Former Metropolitan Police head of news Chris Webb has been appointed as the strategic comms lead for the London Local Resilience Forum’s (LRF) COVID-19 Communication Group, which comprises local councils and regional emergency services.

An EPiCC response to Emergencies and Disasters (International Fire Protection)

EPiCC (Emergency Practitioners in Crisis Communication) will support the development and delivery of effective crisis communication by providing a network for all who practice and operate in this arena to share good practice, train, learn and exercise within a safe environment.

An EPiCC response to Emergencies and Disasters (Asia Pacific Fire)

THE FUTURE media and communication response to emergencies and disasters within the UK will be shaped by a new organisation launched today (Tuesday, 4 th February).

UK to build on crisis communications lessons from Australia and New Zealand

The response to emergencies and disasters in the UK is set to be enhanced by a new organisation that will support the sharing of good practice and training.

Profile: Chris Webb, Deputy Director of public affairs, Metropolitan Police Service (PR WEEK)

"The truth is that as deputy director of public aff­airs for the Metropolitan Police, the soft-spoken South Londoner has been inv­olved with responding to almost every major nat­­ional incident since the Clapham rail crash in 1988, when he was a press officer for the London Ambulance Service. "

Chris Webb: UK's leading expert in crisis management (Radio New Zealand)

"Chris Webb has led the media and communication response to almost every major incident to impact on London and the UK in the last 30 years - including the 2005 London bombings, the death of Princess Diana, and the post 9/11 era of constant terror threats. He spent more than 30 years working at London's Metropolitan Police, eventually becoming the head of news and acting director of media and communication. Chris is in New Zealand as a featured speaker for this year's Emergency Media and Public Affairs conference."

Eyre, A (2019) ‘The value of peer support groups following disaster: from Aberfan to Manchester’ in Bereavement Care Journal – Special Edition, Volume 38 Issue 2-3,Winter 2019

"This article reviews the nature of post-disaster peer support groups and highlights their role in addressing collective grief and trauma following mass fatality incidents. "

Eyre, A (2019) Book Review - Crisis Communication: Case Studies and Lessons Learned from International Disasters, by Kjell Brataas, in Australian Journal of Emergency Management • Volume 34, No. 3, July 2019, p33

"Communication is such an intrinsic and universal aspect of crisis and emergency management and is of such significance to everyone involved in disasters (planners, responders, media professionals, victims and community members) that a book on this subject is likely to be of interest and practical help to a very wide audience. "

Eyre, A (2017) ‘Lessons in providing psychosocial support: a review of three postdisaster programs’ in Australian Journal of Emergency Management, Volume 32, Issue 3, 2017

"Tropical Cyclone Debbie has reminded us of the influence that severe weather events can have on our lives. What started as a tropical cyclone crossing the coast near Airlie Beach in Queensland became a severe storm event that caused flooding in coastal towns from mid-Queensland down to northern New South Wales. If that wasn’t enough, the same weather system then caused significant flooding on the north island of New Zealand."

‘Looking Back on Disaster’, October 21, 2016 with Pamela Dix and Gavin Rees, Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma,

"Founded twenty-five years ago this month, Disaster Action has helped to reshape how the British political and legal systems respond to the needs of victims and survivors of public tragedies."

Eyre, A (2014) ‘Psychological support in disasters is public health’s business’, in Better Health For All, the award-winning blog of the Faculty of Public Health, February 14, 2014

"I recently met a Director of Public Health. We were both in the lunch queue at a conference which was focusing on civil contingencies, the needs of people in disasters and organisational structures for addressing local resilience."