Partnership Working – Local Authorities (LAs) and University and Education (EDUC)

Partnership working is key to the successful delivery of an effective response to COVID-19. However, for many, this may be the first time they have found themselves having to support the work of their Local Resilience Forums, including managing, directing and coordinating communication activity with partner agencies dealing with outbreaks in clusters. With competing demands and needs, this can bring immense challenge.

This workshop aims to provide practical tips and advice on how to support the chairs of Local Resilience Forums, how to engage effectively with elected members, and an appreciation of the demands of central government, including national structures put in place, and how to work with them to influence outcomes.

Who should attend?

Directors of communication and emergency planners

This is a two part course:

(a) Supporting Local Resilience Forums and Working with Partners (LAs)
(b) Working with Partners (EDUC)


This course will cover how to:

  • Lead and coordinate communication activity across partner agencies
  • Engage effectively with stakeholders to influence outcomes
  • Effectively engage with elected members (councillors and MPs)


Duration 90 minutes including 15 minutes for Q&A

About the trainers

Roger Bannister

an EPiCC Advocate, former Deputy Chief Constable and Chair of the Local Resilience Forum

Alistair Campbell

former COVID19 Strategic Comms Advisor at the Cabinet Office